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Let’s be honest, the thought that you can go to a big box store and truly experience how a speaker will perform in your home is ridiculous. How can you be expected to audition speakers standing in the middle of aisle three?

That’s why we designed our own showroom right in The Villages. We have a complete auditioning room that will perform just like it will in your own home, giving you a true sense of what you’ll hear and how it will make you feel. Give us a call today, make an appointment for your own private audition. We’ll have your favorite beverage ready for the show.


Extend the awesome.

The latest AV receivers have the ability to extend your favorite music to other rooms. Technically, it’s called multi-room/multisource. What it means to you, is that you get more entertainment for your dollar. Adding SONOS technology to your home allows you to connect it as another room in your whole house audio system. Add speakers to the lanai, outside, anywhere you want music.

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For larger rooms nothing compares to the power
of a floorstanding loudspeaker


Break out your vintage vinyl and listen to the rich sounds
in any room of your home.


Bookshelf speakers are great for dens
and smaller listening rooms.


Bring the bass so you don’t just watch,
you feel like you’re in the movie.

Custom Audio —Tastefully Designed For Each Client

We use premium products and get premium results. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to break the bank.
We’ll design a system based on your expectations as well as your lifestyle.

Like Vinyl, Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

Timeless design with quality built to last for decades. Impeccably designed Clear Audio turntables our The Villages first choice in form and function. A Clear Audio turntable will masterfully play a rich variety of music from across the decades.

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